Thursday, October 24, 2013

15 Emerging Legal Careers

The profession has evolved since we named our first Legal Rebels in 2009—and there are now positions at law firms and elsewhere that didn't exist when we first started this project.
We asked well-known legal advisers, consultants, firm leaders and innovators to give examples of some of these new jobs and also tell us what jobs they see coming for legal services in the next five years. What follows is both a closer look at the present and a vision of the future described in the work that will be done to create it.

The latest and greatest law jobs

Legal risk manager. Provides advice to help clients avoid legal problems rather than just representing them when they run into trouble.
Richard Susskind, academic and futurist, author of Tomorrow’s Lawyers
Legal knowledge engineer. Uses knowledge management tools and legal expertise to create things like decision trees applicable to a legal issue. The work focuses on finding ways to solve types of problems instead of solving individual problems as they come.
Richard Susskind