Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shy? How to Show Passion in a Job Interview


(MoneyWatch) For some of us, showing passion for a job during an interview comes easy. We naturally talk and gesture in an animated way and our enthusiasm shines through our demeanor. But for others among us, our usual way of speaking and interacting is more subdued, even when talking about something we're excited about. Here's how shy -- or just restrained -- candidates can subtly show that a position is their dream job.

Show don't tell

Saying "I'm a team player" isn't as effective as sharing a story demonstrating when this characteristic helped you and your previous team achieve success, explains Heather McNab, author of "What Top Professionals Need To Know About Answering Job Interview Questions." "The easiest way to show passion is by using carefully crafted interview stories and examples throughout your interview," says McNab.