Friday, January 11, 2013

6 steps to jump-start a spring job search

by Susan Gainen
The beginning of Spring Semester is the right time to jump-start your job search. Here are six step to help you begin.

1. Check your tool box

Critical tools for a 21stcentury job search are:
  • Electronic and paper resume. at least one version, more if you are approaching multiple types of employers.
  • Spreadsheet of networking contacts. Review your networking efforts from last semester. Be prepared to re-connect with old contacts and to develop new ones.
  • LinkedIn profile, Facebook, and blog posts. Update your LinkedIn profile with new accomplishments. Scrub your Facebook page and blog of anything that could come between you and a job that you might want. Yes, I know that in some places employers cannot ask for passwords, but they make judgments about items that are forwarded or that come up on Google searches.

2. Check in with career services.

While you frolicked during Winter Break, your career services professionals were hard at work doing research, making connections, and developing new avenues for you to pursue. (Yes, even if your law school was closed.)

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