Monday, January 21, 2013

5 Ways to Ruin Your Chances of Getting the Job


With more than 12 million Americans still unemployed and many overworked professionals contemplating the pursuit of greener pastures, it’s easy to see why competition for jobs is fierce in most industries.

Hiring managers and human resource professionals are looking for the best of the best within the resumes they receive and the interviews they conduct. Unfortunately, there are many opportunities for job seekers to go awry. If you’d like to avoid an extended unpaid vacation from the workforce, steer clear of these five ways to run your chances of getting the job.

1. Submit a sloppy cover letter and resume
Employers are looking for go-getters, not candidates who put in minimal effort. So don’t submit a generic cover letter and resume unless you want yours to be among the first in the trash. Customize each piece you send for the company and position. This may mean reworking your goals, rewording your accomplishments or even using different references. Then check and double-check your documents for spelling errors, punctuation issues and problems with grammar. Don’t rely on the spellchecker in Word either—it doesn’t always catch what another pair of eyes will, so solicit help from a well-read friend or relative.

2. Air your dirty laundry online
Hiring managers will Google you and look you up on Facebook. When they do, what will they find? Check out your Facebook profile as a public user. Just go to your profile page and select “view as” to see exactly what the hiring manager will see. For best results, change your privacy settings to “friends only” to keep the majority of your posts and photos private. If you Google your name and find inappropriate photos of yourself on other websites, request their removal. And avoid political or religious rants within the comments you post on any discussion boards or blogs.

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