Thursday, December 20, 2012

What Not to Do After Receiving an Offer


I’ve often compared recruiting to dating; there are so many similarities that it’s hard not to do so. Like dating, both parties (recruiter and candidate) want to present themselves in the best light and be equally attractive to each other. In the beginning, each party is likely seeing other people and the promise of exclusivity is not yet there. With each phone call, email, and interview, a relationship is built; with all of these actions leading to the culmination of the courtship: a long-term commitment, a proposal of marriage or from a recruiting standpoint, the extension of a job offer.
But here is where things can get sticky. For some candidates, they’ve waited for this moment and will accept the opportunity on the spot! Other candidates will have a harder time because maybe they’re a bit unsure. With the latter individuals in mind, here are my suggestions on what NOT to do once you receive a job offer.

Don’t Pretend to Consider an Offer

I get it, interviewing with only one company is extremely risky. You want to be in a position where you’re entertaining multiple offers; this is the ideal position for the graduating college senior. But this ideal position is a tricky one because although you’ve received an offer, what if it’s from the company that’s not your first choice?

My best advice, consider the offer. Don’t just pretend to consider it. Your recruiter will know if you’re just going through the motions waiting for a better offer to come in. Instead examine all the elements and determine if you were to receive no other offers, would you be happy accepting the one that’s in front of you?

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