Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tips for Overcoming Bad Law School Grades


The sluggish legal services market has made job seeking all the more difficult even for top performing law school students, so what hope is there for those who simply don’t have the best grades? The bad news is that if you do not happen to be one of the lucky few who manage to rise to the top of the class, you are not likely to be successful in securing on-campus interviews with so-called “BigLaw” firms. The good news is that many students who do obsess over grades and other resume-boosting extracurricular activities often fail to distinguish themselves by developing practical legal skills.

When it comes to those coveted BigLaw jobs, grades and class rank are really the only proxy for ability, because these types of firms base their hiring decisions almost entirely on first-year grades. Such firms are not really interested in the kind of legal skills a student might have acquired, largely because the firm will provide the new associates with the kind of training required for that particular law practice.

Tip #1: Aim for the Middle
Tip #2: If Government Work Is What You Seek--Volunteer
Tip #3: Be Realistic