Monday, March 28, 2011

A Few Do's and Don'ts for Jobseekers

Continued advice from Belle at the Hill Life related to applying for jobs on Capitol Hill, but some good general advice for all job applicants.

When Applying

Don’t write the person looking for an unpaid intern and ask if they have any paid positions available. And definitely don’t write the office of the Congressman looking for an unpaid intern and ask the staffer to forward your resume on to the Congressman’s committee so that you can be considered for a paid gig there.

This is presumptuous and deeply annoying and will result (99% of the time) in your resume being tossed into the ‘Deleted Items’ bin. If you really want to know about paid jobs, wait a couple of days and then forward your resume on, and don't mention the internship that you don't want.

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